Sports Union


The sports and recreation section is headed by Senior Sports Tutor, Mr. Charles Tumwesigye, (M.Ed, PGDE, BSc.) who is at times assisted by the Sports Custodian and both working hand in hand with the Sports Union Committee that is comprised of only students. 

There are number of sports activities at the University. The Section of Sports and offers welfare and sports skills services to the students through a comprehensive, dynamic and exciting Inter-floor Sports Championships scheduled to take place during the First Semester of the each academic year.

Sports Union:

Students play a big role in the management of their sports.  They get involved under the umbrella organisation called Sports Union which was formed in 2004.  This is a students’ organisation whose membership is all registered students.  It assists the Sports Tutor in running the sports programs.  It changes its administration every year through elections.

Sports Found at MUST:

 The following sports disciplines are offered at MUST.

  1. Football                        
  2. Netball
  3. Volleyball                     

     4.  Basketball

  1. Badminton          
  2. Chess

      7.  Table Tennis                 

     8.  Tennis

     9.  Athletics                       

     10.  Wood ball

     11. Rugby                          

     12. Cricket

Sports Programs:

There are basically two programs in which MUST students participate, namely;

Intra mural (Internal) and Extra mural (external)

  1. Intra mural program.

It includes:       -        Inter-Faculty Sports Competitions

-        Individual championships

  1. Extra mural program         -        National University championships
    •      National Championships
    •      National University Games
    •      East-Africa University games
    •      Africa University games
    •      World University games

Participation records 2011/12:

  1. MUST was represented in the World University Games in China, August, 2011 by Hasifah Nanyingi (Tennis)
  1. MUST participated in the 14th edition of National University Games in December 2, 2011 at Ndejje University.

Ladies team led by Hasifah won a Gold Medal and MUST was ranked 9th out of 21 universities that participated.

  1.  MUST have participated in all the 7 past editions of the East-Africa University Games.

Future program:  

  1. Inter-Faculty competitions 2012/13.  The competition will commence immediately semester one begins, August, 2012, and will run up to mid-semester two, February, 2013.
  1. 9th edition of MUST Independence Netball gala will take place on 9th October, 2012. This is an event.
  1. MUST will participate in the 8th edition of East Africa University Games to be hosted by University of Dar-es-Salaam from 8-12th February, 2013.

University Students are also involved in various National and International Sport Competitions.