Human Resource Management

As a result of high demand for HR professionals. Initially, Human Resource Management courses have been co-ordinated under the Institute of Management Sciences. However, an independent department of Human Resource Management was formed in the academic year 2012/2013, under the Institute of Management Sciences. This was due to the changes in the economy, especially with liberalization and privatization, the private sector is now engine of growth in the country and there is a need to produce Human Resource Managers for both government and private sector institutions and those managers need to have an understanding and appreciation of the major relevance of Human Resource Management function.  It is in this realization that MUST have been offering Human Resource Management as an option of the Bachelor of Business Administration in the years back. However, the department of Human Resource Management under Institute of Management Sciences is offering Bachelor of Human Resource Management as stand-alone programmes in Human Resource Management. 
To be a leading sector in Research, Education and Consultancy in the region.
To enable the upcoming of our students and staff through a self-seeking knowledge for the development of world class critical thinking and analytic HR professionals.
The Overall Strategic goal of the Department
The Overall Strategic goal of the Department of Human Resource Management is to develop competent Human Resource Professionals for both none and governmental organizations. We seek to do this in ways that benefit society on a national and a global scale. This will be achieved through research, education and consultancy to enhance Human Resource best practices for high performance establishments.